Waikiki Beach

    Destination: Honolulu

    Hawaii's capital has more to offer than sun-drenched beaches and luaus.

    Long house Kuching

    Kuching’s Old-World Charm

    Carolyn Hong explores Sarawak's old-town capital, where craftsmen still proudly ply their trade.

    Darwin Festival

    Festival highlights in August

    There will be lots of music, theatre, dance and cabaret during the 18-day Darwin Festival next month.

    Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse

    France's bright spark

    From its light shows to award-winning cuisine, Lyon’s visual and appetising treats make it a must-...

    Beniya Mukayu

    Retreat to a ryokan

    A holiday in a ryokan in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture offers lots to do and eat.

    Ryokan inns continue to draw foreigners to Japan

    In recent years, more foreign tourists to Japan have been attracted by one of the nation's...

    State of Kim Il Sung

    Who is eligible to visit the DPRK?

    Citizens of most countries can travel to the DPRK at any time of the year.

    Ambong Ambong

    Staying amid nature

    Mr Ahmad recalls how visits were ruggedly adventurous as there were no facilities for tourists.

    Things you do only when on holiday


    Buying useless souvenirs? Adopting stray cats? Speedos? How many of our top 10 holiday sins have you...

    Romancing the rail

    The epic train journey from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar is a truly magical experience even if the beer is...

    10 tips for doing Dubai on the cheap

    Want to visit Dubai? On a tight budget? Check out these top money-saving tips for doing Dubai on the...